Brand identity concept for Museum of Manila which aims to represent the Philippine art and lets its visitors to experience by its people and people of the world.
Philippine Art has developed and accumulated from the beginning of civilization in the country up to the present era. It reflects to its society and non-Filipinos wide range of cultural influences and how these influences honed the country’s arts. Museum of Manila was built to house the  art of the Philippines and to welcome locals and foreigners.
The integral part of doing the brand system was connecting to people the unique art of Manila. A visual language was born from the country’s symbol of pride and hope which leads to a distinct branding system. The identity reflects the museum mission and vision of making visitors feel welcome and engage them to the rich past and present of the Philippine art.
The logo is bold, unique and versatile which represents the country’s arts and crafts. It also creates a very distinct visual element which be applied across all media. Developing the strategic and cohesive branding generates awareness and retention for the organization.
Discipline: Brand Identity